Documents and Forms

The Early Childhood Assessment of Physical Education Skills (ECAPES) - 2010, Revised 2013


Physical Activity Profile of Independence for Individuals with Severe and Profound Impairments (PAPI-ISAPI) - 2012, Revised 2013, 2014, 2015

Foundational Skills: The base skills that make up the more complex movements and higher order level concepts for an individual to participate in leisure, sports, and activities of daily living.
PAPI-ISAPI© Fitness Plan.pdf
SK Assessment.pdf

List of Accommodations and Modifications for the IEP's Supplementary Aids, Services, Program Modifications, and Supports

Accommdations updated.pdf

Physical Education Lesson Template

Physical Education Lesson Plan.docx

Adapted Physical Education Template Forms

Referral Form presented to the IEP team for discussion if testing for APE services is warranted based on student performance being impacted by his/her identified disability.

Referral Form .docx

Authorization for Assessment Form providing parental/guardian permission to administer formal testing to determine eligibility for Adapted Physical Education Service

Authorization for Assessment.docx

Assessment Report is used to document the results from the formal testing conducted in determining if the students is eligible for adapted physical education services.

Assessment Report.docx

Re-Evaluation (Triennial) Report is filled out every three years to discuss if there is any diagnostic questions that would warrant the need for updated formal testing.

Re-Evaluation Form.docx

Excusal Form is used whenever the IEP team member is not available to attend the IEP meeting. The parent must provide in written permission for the team member to be absent from the meeting.

Excusal Form.docx

Parent Guide to Effective and Appropriate APE Services should be sent home prior to the meeting and used during the meeting to support the parental and team member understanding.

A Parent’s Guide to APE on the IEP.pdf

Sample Assessment Report Write-Ups

Battelle Developmental Inventory-2

Assessment Report.pdf

Test of Gross Motor Development-2

Sample TGMD Assessment Report.pdf

Mentee End of the Year Evaluation of Mentor

End of the Year Mentor Evaluation.pdf

Resource Documents

Task Analysis of Skills and Adapting Activities that Foster an Inclusive Environment

Choosing Activities and Facilitating Inclusion in Elementar.pdf

Early Childhood - No Gym! No Problem! Physical Activity for Small Spaces (Page 71)

ToolKit Final.pdf

Elementary Grade Rubrics for Assessment of Knowledge and Skill

Montgomery County Assessments.pdf

Adapted Physical Education Process Guide

APE Process Guide 2012.pdf

Physical Activity Transition Plan for students with disabilities ages 16 and older (14 in some States)

Transition Program.pdf

Maryland's Corollary Sports Handbook 2015 -2016

2015-2016 Corollary Sports Handbook.pdf

Preschool Thematic Curriculum for Physical Education

Prince Georges County, MD Preschool -Curriculum (2).pdf

Maryland Preschool Assessment of Physical Education Skills (M_PAPES)

M_PAPES Assessment.pdf

Maryland's Adapted Physical Education Inventory

Maryland Adapted Physical Education Inventory.pdf

Maryland's Adapted Physical Education Guide for Servicing Students with Disabilities

Maryland's APE State Guide.pdf

Standard-Based Goals and Objectives for Physical Education (Pre-K to High School)

Physical Education Goal Wizard 2012.pdf

List of Other Documents Developed

Maryland Adapted Physical Education Consortium Documents

Maryland's Corollary Sports Coaches' Handbook - 2015

Maryland's Adapted Physical Education Process Guide - Revised 2015

Maryland's Adapted Physical Education Best Practice Sheets - 2015

Maryland's Preschool Assessment of Physical Education Skills (M_PAPES) - 2015

Documents for National Board Professional Teaching Standards, Inc.

Revised the Physical Education Standards - 2011-2012

Documents for the Society of Health And Physical Education (SHAPE) America

Community-based Physical Education Services Should Be Provided for Students with Disabilities - 2015

in Special Education Transition Programs - Position Statement

Documents for Montgomery County Public Schools

Providing Special Education Instruction to Students with Disabilities in Physical Education: - 2015

Professional Development Opportunity (PDO) for MCPS Teachers and Staff

Developing Student Leaders Through Adapted Physical Education High School Course Elective - 2014

Individual Education Program (IEP) Goal and Objective Resource Document for Physical Educators - 2014

Documents for Prince George's County Public Schools

Physical Education Curriculum Framework Guide for High School - 2012

Adapted Physical Education Curriculum Process Guide Revision - 2012

Physical Activity Transition Plan Middle and High School: Developed for Students with Disabilities - 2012

Physical Education Standard-Based Sample Goal and Objective Wizard Pre-K Through High School - 2012

Physical Education Standard-Based Rubrics Pre-K Through 12th Grade - 2011

Physical Education Curriculum Framework Guide for Middle School - 2011

Physical Education Curriculum Framework Guide for Elementary School - 2010

Physical Education Curriculum Framework Guide for Middle/High School Adapted Physical Education - 2009

Physical Education Curriculum Framework Guide for Elementary School Adapted Physical Education - 2009

Physical Education Curriculum Framework Guide for Early Childhood Adapted Physical Education - 2008

Document for BlazeSports International

Disability Awareness in the School Initiative: A Social inclusion and human rights project through physical education and sport for school-aged children with and without disabilities in Iran - 2015

Documents for Greenbelt Sportsplex

"My First Football" Curriculum for children ages 3 - 6 years - 2011