Health-Related Fitness Assessment

Health Related Fitness Assessment Template.pdf

Home Workout Packet

Home Workout Sheet.pdf

Home Workout Pictures of Exercises

Home Workout Sheet2.pdf

Transition Programing

Transition Program.pdf

Name the Muscles of the Body

Body Muscles.pdf

Name the Muscles of the Body

Naming the Muscles of the Body.pdf

Parts of the Heart

Image of the Heart.pdf

Calculating the Heart Rate

Understanding Heart Rate.pdf

Frequency Intensity Time Type (F.I.T.T Principle)

Understanding the F.IT.T Principle.pdf

Goal Setting through the F.I.T.T Principle

Applying the F.I.T.T Principle.pdf

Analyzing Performance and Setting a Goal

Creating a Goal.pdf

Analyzing Performance and Setting a Goal

Setting a Goal and Tracking Progress.pdf

Analyzing Performance and Setting a Goal

Goal Setting using the Pacer Test.pdf

Teacher - Student Agreement

Value Contract.pdf

Student Behavior Reflection Sheet

Behavior Reflection Sheet.pdf

Cooperative Planning in Game Creation

Create a Game.pdf

Combining Movement Forms

Combining Movement Forms.pdf

Sequencing Movement Forms

Sequencing Locomotor Movements.pdf

Sequencing Movement Forms in a Group

Sequencing in a Group.pdf

Personally Favorable Physical Activity Choice Sheet

Choice Sheet.pdf

Bocce Assessment

Bocce Sheet.pdf

Hiking Assessment

hiking what to bring.pdf

Orienteering (Compass) Assessment

Orienteering Directions.pdf

Self-Defense Assessment

Self Defense.pdf