Servicing Students With Disabilities in Physical Education

Collection of Student Work

Common Physical Education Sign Language Terms

Grading Students with Disabilities in Physical Education

APENS Exam Review

Diverse and Equitable Learning Environments

Video: Inclusive Physical Education - Click Here

Video: Importance of Sensory Integration - Click Here

Fitness Exercises

Endurance Training

Strength Training






Seated Row

Students with Multiple and Profound Disabilities

Modified Equipment

Focusing on Foundational Skills

Overcomer Equipment

Swing Golf

Scarf Flyer

Bubble Tennis

Skee Bounce

Fish Bowling

Hand-Eye Coordination

Domino Target Activity

Bell Cricket

Batting Structure

Soccer Pass

Hockey Shot

Passing Ramp

Physical Literacy

Educational Positions

Teaching and Learning Through Movement

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Creativity in Schools

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Let's Move Initiative By: Michelle Obama

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Every Kid Needs a Champion

Who Moved My Cheese (Rethinking Change)

Switch By: Chip and Dan Heath

Switch By: Chip and Dan Heath

TED Talks

Want Smarter, Healthier Kids?

Importance of Physical Education

Active Kids, Active Minds


Ian: Power of Inclusion

Boy Inspired by Michael Phelps

2012 Sportkids of the Year

Never Give Up

Diversity and Equity

ASK Yourself

I am NOT a Label

See Past Society Labels and into the Person

Nutrition: Choose My Plate

Occupational Octaves Piano

More Videos

Camp Abilities: Real Sports (HBO)

Environmental Management

Making a Striking Extender

D.I.Y: Making a Striking Extender

D.I.Y: Bow and Arrow

D.I.Y Archery Stand

D.I.Y Kicker

Disc Launcher for Disc Golf