Supplemental Aids, Program Modifications, Services and Supports

To be provided to the student or on behalf of the student:

  • Program Modifications
  • Instructional Supports
  • Social/Behavior Supports
  • Physical/Environmental Supports
  • Supports for School Personnel/Parents

These support the student’s ability...

  • To attain the annual goal(s) and objectives
  • To make progress towards the general education curriculum and participate in extracurricular and other nonacademic activities

Students that are not able to meet the general education curricular standards and are in need of modified benchmarks should have modified grading indicated in this section. This would make it known that the student's report card grade is based on a benchmark aligned to the general curricular standards, but at the developmental level of the student.

Webinar on Grading Students with Disabilities

Below are lists for possible accommodations and modifications to indicate on an IEP. All students are unique and the supports and services chosen to be unique to the individual needs of the student.

Accommdations updated.pdf