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Last Update: September 21, 2020

Instructional Tools

Google Software and Chrome Extensions

Slides - create interactive presentations
Classroom - A platform for your students to receive assignments, information, and communicate with the teacher
Drive -
storage for documents, pictures, or videos
Forms -
create a survey, questionnaire or quiz
Sites -
create a website
Sheets -
create spreadsheets in cells
Drawings -
collaborate and work together in real time to create flowcharts, organizational charts, website wireframes, mind maps, concept maps, and other types of diagrams
Docs -
a word processor
Meets -
Video conference
Voice - Make and receive phone calls using a work number on any device
Voice/Text -
Changes your speech into text format
Screencastify -
Record up to 5 minutes of your screen (with or without webcam)
Giphy -
A short video clip that plays over and over. You can create your own
Tab Scissors -
Split the screen to have one tab on the left and another on the right
Tab Glue -
Combine the split tabs back to one
Mote -
Give auditory feedback to student work
Nod -
Allows students to give a thumbs up or raise their hand while on mute
Web Paint- Allows you to draw in the screen such as a webpage. This allows you to highlight or write notes when presenting information live.

Adapted Physical Education

Physical Education

Elementary School

Virtual Field Day

FISD Elementary P.E.

OPEN Phys. Ed



Warm-Up/Exercise Session/Cool-Down

Activity Sheets

Overhand / Underhand Throwing (Activity Sheet)

Juggling Tissues (Activity Sheet)

Connect 4 Relay (Activity Sheet)

Balance Bingo / Partner Balances (Activity Sheet)

Tic Tac Toe Relay (Activity Sheet)

Play at Home Recess Printable Packet - Youtube Channel - By: Playworks

Board Game Fitness (multiple games) - By: Julie Braden

YouTube Playlists

Kids Home Exercises - By: Little Sports

Visual Modeling Skills By: Dranesville Elementary

P.E. @ Home Activities - By: Mike Morris

EASY P.E. T.V (Fun YouTube Videos)

P.E. with Coach Gelardi

Heidi Ambrosius Youtube Videos

Seacoast P.E. Playlist

Round Hill P.E. Fitness Videos

Learning Station (Online Class Videos)

Fundamental Skills By: Wendy Arteaga

Coach Williams' Youtube Channel

Prime Coaching Sport

Rovita Fernandes Quick Cardio Activities

K5HPE Video Activities

Fitness Challenges

9-Minute Workout

Seattle Seahawks Weekly Challenge

Packet of Printable Fitness Visuals - By: Pete Charrette

Fitness Calendar - By: Kevin Tiller

Daily Live P.E. with Joe workouts on Youtube

Color Dance Game By: Coach Bolger

Jumping Game By: Coach Bolger

Move and Dance

Zumba Kids: Electronic Song with Minions

Zumba Kids: I Like to Move It

Zumba Kids: Freeze Dance

Once Upon a Dance - Creative Dance

Chace Dance Company (Youtube)

Randy Spring Rhythm and Dance Videos

Nachman Music

Just Dance Youtube Videos

Patty Shukla Songs

Body Rock Dance - By Greg and Steve

GoNoodle Website Games and Videos


Yoga for Beginners

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Locomotor and Object Control Skills

7 Balloon Challenges By: Dyan Penny

Online Learning Plan with Instructional videos - By: Jessalyn O'Neill

Roll and Cleanup Game

Benjamin Pirillo's Skill Based Instructional Videos

Sock Tossing

Video Lessons

Free Prek- 2nd Grade Active Learning Walkabouts (English) - Spanish Version

K-5 Virtual P.E. Plan - By: Sarah Davis Stutheit


Secret Maze

Snake in My Boots

Northwest ISD's iNvest2Learn

Printable Cards Against Humanity

Sock Corn-hole (Spanish and English)

SuperHero Exercises

Couch Potato Wars By: Phys. Ed Review

Star Wars Workout By: Phys. Ed Review

Star Wars Body Poses By: Phys. Ed Review

Star Wars Jedi Workout By: Get Kids Moving

Get Kids Moving Workouts

Superhero Workouts By: Teacher Mr. Alonso

Plan to Move

Online Physical Activity Program to support active living outside of school