Special Education Instructional Materials

American Sign Language (ASL) Made Easy

Autism Network Visual Modeling for Community and Sport Skills

Fun and Function

Fit and Fun Playscapes - Create sensory pathways anywhere

Sit Spots - Velcro symbols and spots that attach to carpet and anywhere you can attach velcro.

Don Johnston, Inc. - Educational software and assistive devices

Able Net, Inc. - Educational software, curriculum, and assistive devices

School Speciality: Abilitations

American Printing House (APH) for the Blind, Inc. - Designed for students with blindness and visual impairments

Lessonpix - Software to create picture communication symbols and boards

Boardmaker Online - Software to create picture communication symbols and boards

ConnectAbility: Create visual supports for your students

IXL: Immersive, Adaptive Learning Lessons

Wheel of Names: Random Calling

Download Free Powerpoint Games

10 Free Powerpoint Games

Share Safe Youtube Videos

Watch Purified Youtube Videos (no comments or sidebars)

Class Tools: Make educational video games, quizzes, diagrams for free

Create and Play Online Brain Games and Puzzles

Baamboozle: Make team-based educational online games

Immersive Virtual Classrooms

Build and Play educational games

Powerpoint Game Show Templates

Gamify your classroom

Build Your Own Memory Card Game

Thinglink - Board Game Example

Body Synth

Adaptive Repurposed Tools (ART): Art if for everyone Webinar

Playposit Intervative Video - Add interactive questions to a video.

  • Interactions include: Multiple Choice Questions, Select All, Free Response, Fill in the Blank, Pause and Reflect, Embed Website, or Poll the class

National Lesson Plan Creator

Dynamic PE ASAP - Create Lessons in Seconds

Pear Deck - Create Student Paced Lessons for Google Slides - Help

Creating a Bitmoji Classroom / Making it Interactive


Canva - a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other visual content.

Tactile Connections - Symbols for Communication

Google Extensions: Tab Scissors (Split screen), Tab Glue (Combine split screen), ScreenCastify (video record screen),